Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do you accept directly credit cards payments?
A: Credit cards payment is now available through the gateway of Unicredit

Q: How do I check the status of my order ?
A: If your order have been shipped by express mail just after the shipment we will send you an email with the tracking number. If you order have been shipped by registered mail we will send you an email with the registered number, in many countries you can track your order but tracking is limited. If the order have been shipped by standard mail we have no way to track it, we can only give you the estimated delivery date.

Q: Are the items that I see in the pictures the actual ones that you sell ?
A: Yes, the items that we sell are the one that you see on the picture. 

Q: Are your prices fixed or can I ask for a discount
A: The prices are fixed but you can obtain a discount of 10 we request that you put a permanent link to our web site somewhere on the web, example your home page, your web site, your blog, etc., for more info send us an email

Q: Do you have a wholesale section ?
A: No, we haven't a wholesale section but if you want to resell our products we can set up a special account for you with discounted prices, in this case we request a minimum order of 300 Euro

Q: Do you buy or trade ?
A: Sometime I do, especially if you have interesting items that we can resell. Keep in mind that we are a business, we sell to make a profit, and we usually buy or trade the items that you may offer us for half or less of their current market value.

Q: I'm concerned about buying online. How do I know that it is safe to buy from you ?
A: I understand perfectly your concerns, especially if it is the first time you deal with us. Please consider that we are an online store with thousands of different items. Such a store means investing money in making the site and spending months of hard work in taking pictures and describing the items one by one. here on the web site you find our contacts, address, VAT number, work and personal phone, we answer all the emails fast. We are also a long time seller on ebay (since 1996), you can read the feedbacks of our customers there, we have 2 user ids: piero and patb_it

Q: How often do you update the web site ?
A: We update the site nearly every day.

Q: Can I ask you to look for a specific item for me ?
A: yes, you can ask and we will do the best to locate it, especially if the item that you search is not old or very hard to find

Q: Can I place an order and pay for it later ?
A: yes, you can place an order and pay later, we keep the items on hold for you but if after 2 weeks you don't pay the order or contact us we will cancel the order

Q: I wrote an e-mail but I haven't received an answer yet, why?
A: We always reply to all e-mails, we usually reply the same day, please e-mail me again if you do not receive a reply to your e-mail or check the SPAM mailbox and if you find the email whitelist our email address

If you have another question not written here please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]